Story Fitness

Functional training x Martial Arts

Story Fitness Classes challenge the body with Martial Arts based Kicks and punches integrated with Functional Fitness moves.

Our belief is that a strong body is a confident body.  Through a healthy and balanced workout led by expert trainers you will leave smiling, sweating and learning. 

We know it hard to stick to a workout plan, especially then its new or seems difficult. This is where our Martial Arts expertise comes in. We understand how to motivate, encourage and invigorate all types of people who struggle with new skills or new habits. 

The Classes are 30 minutes long and follow a High Intensity Interval Training format meaning you will do short bursts of exercise with a short period of rest before you get back to it. 

This format has been scientifically proven to improve mood and burn body fat faster than any other exercise format.

Story Fitness is a no ego environment. We don't let meatheads, showboats or negative vibes join in. Our Culture and your experience is so important to us we happily turn away people who aren't the right fit or in there looking to prove something to everyone else.

2/59 Willandra Drive, Epping

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